Friday, December 24, 2010

Rationalized Civilisation

The cause and cure of human civilisation conserves subconsciously within all persons.  Rationality has previously dictated moral guidelines and ‘citizens’ belief systems.  Phenomena presently disrupts the natural balance of the occults of logic and science.  With the progression of naturalism became of the advancement of an unwritten series of moral codes.  Individual placement in society, (what is commonly known as) genetics, and the collaboration of life experiences are the leading ideologies in which a persons moral law self contains.  Subconscious instability and conscious stability is commonly obtained through a natural balance of choice and moral codex.  Duel stability is rarely noticed in the unenlightened.  To acquire such one must relieve himself from conscious decision making. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rig Veda: Creation Hymn: Interpretation

“The simplicity of the complex notions of heaven are instinctually visualized in the spiritualists’ mind.  The depiction of the realm ‘of and in the sky’ should be understood as that of the literal meaning.”
The Divine Interpretation
An equilibrium dictated all universal function.  There was no differentiation aspected; solely pure untouched energy.  Water simply a metaphor of purity was endlessly abundant. 
All was one, all was neither dead nor alive, all was neither night nor day.  All was endlessly a pure untouched one. 
The equilibrium still untouched had not but a ripple in the sanctity of its purity.  (Millions of years post creation hymn our universe then compiled with stars, few or none astronomical bodies, and clouds of escaped energy.) Through the untouched One brinked a space time phoenoma, a white hole, derived from a future fallen star (the power of heat) unchanging the pure universal structure.  Within existence later appeared “the one”, the closest and first escaped energy cloud to trespass into nonexistence. 
Are spirits or souls recognizably journeying through todays clouds? Why not creations clouds?  Collaborated energy and desire still composed the sole one universal mind.  Du spirits or souls exist! Desire for what if not the common clever legerdemain of false need for mortality. 
Through the expansion of the cloud of energy (un)witnessed the components of the once individual to rationalize and separate idea.  Individualized sat now the separation of thought on the non existence of surrounding (equilibrium.)  The individuals’ cumulatively condensed to acquire the actual substance in which now our universe consisted of.
But how can we prove any such blasphemy in this life.  The stars were later introduced through the white hole and with the end brought the beginning.